Photo courtesy of Delbarr Moradi Photography

As a San Franciscan I'm part hippie, part classy broad, part adventurer, part Muni rider, part hipster, part preppie, part iPhone addict, part free spirit, part trend setter, part health fad follower, and part Blue Bottle Coffee addict.  If you're following California math standards, that's, like, 20 parts.  It all adds up there somewhere.  Actually, add on to that list part math-adverse.

Anyway, this is a blog about being such a San Franciscan.  In other words, this blog is about pretty much anything.

I was born in this city (on Geary Street, to be exact).  So was my mother, and her mother before her.  I've lived in Bristol (England), Grenoble, and Paris (France, not Texas) along the way.  I even blogged about it. Maybe I'll live elsewhere again.  But for now, the streets of San Francisco are where I roam.  Sometimes I visit other places, like Chicago.  In fact, here's a video about it: 

...Well, I think that's pretty much everything you could possibly want to know.

Hope you enjoy your visit.